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Hidden agenda behind WOF changes

Massive trucks may soon be cruising the country’s roads without having had an independent safety inspection, says the car review website editor Clive Matthew-Wilson says the government’s WOF changes are part of a larger plan to let commercial vehicle fleet operators issue their own in-house safety certificates.

Government hiding data over road deaths – experts

Proposed changes to the Warrant of Fitness system could result in over 80 preventable road deaths per year, said a panel of experts at a press conference in Auckland today. The expert panel – led by veteran road safety campaigner Clive Matthew-Wilson – says officials have deliberately underestimated the number of probable deaths and injuries that could result from the changes.

DIY technology a major lifesaver on roads and driveways

Some of the most effective road safety technology ever developed can be cheaply installed on any vehicle, says the car review website is recommending that all vehicle owners fit daytime running lights and reversing cameras to their vehicles. Both technologies can be easily installed by most home handymen at a minimal cost.

Government must revoke driver licensing contract

NZ Driver Licensing (1998) Ltd - the sole company contracted to conduct driving tests – should lose its contract with the government, says the car review website editor Clive Matthew-Wilson says:

“There is clear evidence that NZ Driver Licensing is deliberately failing a high percentage of learner drivers, regardless of their ability. This is totally unacceptable.”

Waitomo crash was preventable

The recent tragic crash at an intersection near Waitomo Caves might have been avoided if the driver had been alerted by rumble strips on the road, says the car review website

A major American study of the use of rumble strips at rural intersections concluded that there is:

Caution urged over WOF changes

The proposed changes to the WOF regulations will not help the average motorist, says the car review website Editor Clive Matthew-Wilson says:

Tougher tests will increase illegal driving

Many poor people who struggle to pass the tougher licence test will end up driving illegally, says the car review website

Editor Clive Matthew-Wilson says:

“Passing a driving test is now a huge challenge, even for well educated, middle-class teenagers who’ve had many hours of paid instruction. What chance do poor people have?”

Road safety expert backs call for cycle lanes

Cyclists need to be protected from other traffic, says the car review website

Editor Clive Matthew-Wilson says:

“Cyclists are among the most vulnerable road users. Every single one of my friends who cycle regularly has had a potentially-fatal clash with a motor vehicle.”

“The only real way to protect cyclists from these clashes is to separate them from motorists. Cycle lanes are a good start, but ultimately, there needs to be a physical barrier between cyclists and motor vehicles, so the two can’t collide.”

Speed cameras a waste of money

Increasing the number of speed cameras will have little effect on the road toll, says a leading road safety campaigner.

Clive Matthew-Wilson, editor of the car review website says:

“However much the government tries to massage the figures, the reality is that most fatalities occur at speeds below the legal limit.”

Matthew-Wilson says there is some debate as to whether speed cameras work at all.

Safety expert calls for asbestos ban

New Zealand should ban the import of goods containing deadly asbestos, says the car review website

Speaking after it was revealed that Chinese-built Great Wall and Chery cars contain a number of asbestos parts, editor Clive Matthew-Wilson said:

“The health risks of asbestos were discovered 114 years ago, but New Zealand still allows goods made with asbestos to be freely imported.”