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Car website claims credit for smooth change to Give Way rules

A high profile campaign by the car review website probably prevented chaos when the Give Way rules changed three months ago, says editor Clive Matthew-Wilson.

“We made the changes to the Give Way rules into a front page issue. Suddenly people were talking about the changes, discussing them and preparing for them. Before that, many people were not even aware that the changes were taking place.”

Call to limit police car chases

A leading road safety campaigner has repeated a call for the police to limit car chases to ‘extreme emergencies’.

Clive Matthew-Wilson, editor of the car review website, was commenting after a South Auckland mother narrowly escaped serious injury when a fleeing car smashed into a police car and then rolled onto her vehicle.

Time to prepare for oil price roller coaster

Motorists should prepare for sharp rises and falls in the price of fuel, says the car review website

Editor Clive Matthew-Wilson says:

“Every time there’s economic bad news, the oil price will generally drop, due to reduced demand. Every time there’s an interruption to oil supply, the price will generally rise sharply. Of course, this process has been going on for years, but the current global situation is likely to trigger extremes in oil prices over the next few years.”

Time to prepare for oil shock

Looming conflict in the Middle East could trigger a severe oil crisis, says the car review website

Editor Clive Matthew-Wilson says:

“Israel and Iran appear to be on collision course. There has been a major military buildup in Israel, possibly as a prelude to a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.”

“This could easily trigger a major conflict in the Middle East, and just as easily disrupt the supply of nearly one third of the world’s oil.”

Road toll proves safety strategy isn’t working

Last weekend’s high road toll is proof that enforcement by itself has little effect on the number of accidents, says a leading road safety campaigner.

There were more than 800 crashes and seven deaths on New Zealand roads over the weekend, compared with 361 crashes and one death over the same weekend last year. There was a heavy police presence on both these weekends and a strict enforcement of speed limits.

Clive Matthew-Wilson, who edits the car review website, says:

Restricted plates of limited benefit

A government proposal to require ‘R’ plates for drivers on restricted licences is unlikely to seriously affect the road toll, says a leading road safety campaigner.

Clive Matthew-Wilson, editor of the car review website, says:

“Half of the highest risk group don’t have licences anyway. How can R plates possibly curb their behaviour?”

Car dealers bite the dust as the internet takes over

The traditional car yard will soon be extinct, says the car review website

Editor Clive Matthew-Wilson says the internet has made conventional car yards unnecessary, and there are even bigger changes to come.

"Until recently, cars were often supplied to car yards by vehicle wholesalers, However, in an online world, the small car yard is largely irrelevant. The wholesaler can simply sell direct to the final customer without involving the car yard at all.”

Major study says road safety ads don’t work

Claims that advertisements have led to a drop in teenage drink drivers are simply wishful thinking, according to a major American study.

The internationally respected American Insurance Institute for Highway Safety did a major study of the effectiveness of road safety advertising and concluded:

“Research indicates that education has no effect, or only a very limited effect, on habits like staying within speed limits, heeding stop signs, and using safety belts.”

Poor road design implicated in Turangi tragedy

The weekend’s triple fatality in Turangi might not have occurred if the road had been built correctly, says a leading road safety campaigner.

Clive Matthew-Wilson, editor of the car review website, says:

“It’s been known for decades that if the edge of a road drops down into gravel, then vehicles that drift over the edge of the road are likely to drop one wheel into gravel, slide and then lose control. That appears to be exactly what happened with the Turangi tragedy.”

Expert backs proposal to increase speed limit

The speed limit could be cautiously raised on certain roads, says the car review website

Editor Clive Matthew-Wilson, whose road safety research was awarded by the Australian Police Journal, says:

“There are no safe speeds and no safe roads. It’s a question of acceptable risk. The most dangerous roads are ordinary driveways, where children are frequently run over, despite the very low speeds involved.”